East Troy School District - News Articles http://cms1.cms4schools.com/news_rss.cfm?detailid=342187&memberid=666 East Troy School District - News Articles en-us More on the school menu- 6/30/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=15267 School Board to cut back on regular meetings- 6/27/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=15264 Lunch prices go up, school day extended at Middle School- 6/19/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=15148 All that jazz- 6/12/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=15064 School Board fills open seat, elects officers- 6/5/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14940 School District's food service program at risk- 6/1/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14864 Middle School sports will stay as is- 5/25/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14731 School Board remains at four members- 5/15/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14623 School District trims $800,000 from next year?s budget- 5/11/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14528 Building the new school- 5/9/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14526 Recognized for excellence- 4/27/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14377 School Board looking to appoint another member- 4/17/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14242 Fourth time's a charm- 4/8/15 http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=14135 East Troy Named to the 5th Annual Advanced Placement District Honor Roll http://media.easttroy.k12.wi.us/WebsiteFiles/aphonorroll.pdf 'Tis almost fairy time- 3/24/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13938 School Board accepts director of curriculum's resignation- 3/13/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13800 Santos, East Troy girls track seeking another strong show- 3/5/15 http://www.communityshoppers.com/Santos-East-Troy-girls-track-seeking-another-strong-show School Board appoints replacement board member- 2/28/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13583 A show of excellence- 2/27/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13580 Register for kindergarten on Feb. 24- 2/20/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13511 Three vie for School Board seat in Tuesday's primary- 2/16/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13411 Robotics and Engineering Club advances to state tournament- 2/5/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13272 School District accepting applications to fill vacant board position- 2/5/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13269 School Board approves referendum questions for spring election- 1/24/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13124 Robotics and Engineering Club seek out new challenges- 1/23/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=13126 School Board member resigns- 1/17/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12944 Referendum moves forward for April election- 1/16/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12941 Patronum Bots advance to state championship- 1/12/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12831 School Board election will require primary- 1/9/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12825 School Board works at establishing 'team norms'- 1/2/15 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12751 It's going to cost more to build at Prairie View site- 12/26/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12639 School Board approves calendar, courses- 12/23/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12628 Business as usual School Board- 12/13/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12432 Decorating the village square- 12/12/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12445 Special School Board meeting draws large crowd- 12/12/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12427 School Board has one seat up for election in spring- 12/6/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12387 East Troy sixth grader performs at Fall Horn Festival- 11/20/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12159 Middle School band students to perform in Honors Bands- 11/19/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12115 One drop at a time Doubek kids fill buckets with good deeds- 11/13/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12007 All conference honors- 11/13/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12001 Get it together!- 11/13/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=12016 "We're off to see the Wizard!"- 11/6/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11852 Voters say no to referendum, again- 11/5/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11893 Yes or No?- 10/31/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11855 School District sees enrollment up for the first time since 2008- 10/18/2014 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11598 Questions, answers and debate- 10/10/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11467 East Troy schools meet or exceed expectations- 10/6/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11361 School Board annual meeting highlights accomplishments, challenges facing district- 9/28/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11200 It's Homecoming in East Troy- 9/19/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11108 Funding the schools- 9/13/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=11069 Most area schools score above average on ACT- 9/6/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=10887 High School students receive AP Scholar awards- 9/5/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=10879 East Troy schools recognized for excellence- 7/22/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=10513 Tallying the Results- 7/3/14 http://news.mywalworthcounty.com/?p=10415