The goal of the Counseling staff is to support learning by addressing academic, personal/social, and career related questions and concerns.  We welcome opportunities to meet with students and/or parents to discuss any questions you may have.

Leona Doubek Elementary School

Prairie View Elementary School

Photo for Christine Hamele
Christine Hamele
Prairie View & Leona Doubek Elementary School Counselor
PV: 262-642-6720 x3227 LD: 262-642-6730 x2251

East Troy Middle School 

Photo for Krista Iserloth
Krista Iserloth
Middle School Counselor
262-642-6740 x4245

East Troy High School

Photo for Dominique Boston
Dominique Boston
High School Counselor L-Z
262-642-6760 x5228
Photo for Jeffrey Crandall
Jeffrey Crandall
High School Counselor A-K
262-642-6760 x5227