Directed Study Posting Dates


Grade Posting Window Open Directed Study Start
Quarter 1 Status/Conferences 10/11 at 3:30 October 6-11 10/14/2016
Quarter 1 Grades (End 11/4) 11/8 at 3:30 November 3-8 11/14/2016
Directed Study Grade Check 12/6 at 3:30 December 1-6 12/9/2016
Quarter 2 Status 12/22 at 3:30 December 19-22 1/4/2017
Semester 1 Grades (End 1/19) 1/25 at 3:30 January 19-25  
Quarter 3 Status/Conferences 2/28 at 3:30 February 23-28 3/3/2017
Quarter 3 Grades (End 3/22) 3/28 at 3:30 March 22-28 3/31/2017
Directed Study Grade Check 4/25 at 3:30 April 13-25 4/28/2017
Quarter 4 Status 5/9 at 3:30 May 4-9 5/15/2017
End of Year Seniors (End 5/26) 5/30 at 3:30 May 23-30 Graduation 6/4/17
End of Year for  9-11 (End 6/2) 6/6 at 3:30 May 31-June 6  


Parents should call the school office at 262-642-6760 x 5241 before 8:00 am if your child will be absent. If leaving a message, please include your name, your child’s name, and the reason for the absence. If your child will be arriving late, please also let us know approximately what time your child will be arriving and if s/he will be having hot lunch. 

East Troy Middle School uses the school notification system SchoolMessenger for attendance calls. The families of students whose absences have not been verified by 8:00 am with a parent/guardian will receive an automated phone call placed to primary phone and parent/guardian cell phone numbers listed in Skylert.  Click here for instructions on choosing your calling preferences.

If you know your child will be absent in advance, click here for pre-arranged absence form.  The necessary permission and signature(s) are to be obtained and turned into the office at least one (1) day prior to proposed absence.  If you have pre-arranged your child's absence, it is not necessary to call the office.

Attendance and truancy policies are available in the Student Informational Book.

Work Permits

A work permit is required before anyone under the age of 18 is allowed to work in any job with the exception of agriculture or domestic service work.  Employers must have a work permit on file for the minor being employed before they may allow the minor to begin work.  [Click here for more information on WI Child's Labor Laws]

To obtain a work permit, you must visit the high school main office and provide the following:

  • birth certificate or other proof of age,
  • social security card
  • letter from the employer expressing intent to hire, on employer's regular letterhead, describing the job duties and hours of work
  • parent present or a written parent's consent
  • a $10.00 permit fee

Senior Privilege Pass

Senior Privilege Pass is a privilege based system which acknowledges seniors who are in good standing in regards to grades, behavior, and attendance.  If a student does not have any D’s or F’s, behavioral referrals, or unexcused absences, they are permitted to leave the building for their lunch and one study hall period.  Senior Privilege Passes can be earned and lost at every grade check, and can be lost immediately for truancy and behavioral referrals.  Call Mrs. Kuehn with any questions.

Selective Service Registration

Military recruiters are assigned to serve the students of East Troy High School. Selective Service Registration affects all 18 yr old men. By law, you must register for the Selective Service within 30 days of your 18th birthday. More information is available in the counseling office. [Register Now]