Referendum 2015
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We, the East Troy Community School District would like to begin by thanking you for your engagement with the school district over the last several years that ultimately lead to the approval of the referendum questions on April 7th. 

In other districts, you may hear of “winning” or “losing” a referendum.  We do not like to think of it that way.  Instead, we believe that the board, in considering the facility challenges of the district, presented the community with an option that the majority of the voters could support at this given time.  As in other districts, it took some time for this process to develop, and we are grateful not only to the community members for being engaged and weighing in with thoughts and ideas but also to the school board members for their desire to do the very hard work of creating facility options to present to the community.

The facilities that will come as a result of this referendum will have a very long-term and positive impact on the school district and the community.  Because of the referendum, our students will have facilities that foster and support their learning rather than restrict them.  Our buildings will address safety even further and will reflect the strong tradition of excellence in our district, but also continue to improve upon this tradition.  Most of all, because of the thorough, engaging process used by the board, the facilities will truly be for and by the community that will assist our district toward meeting our district goals.

Nevertheless, no referendum passes with unanimous support, and we are mindful that although a majority of voters supported this option, others expressed reasons for their "no" vote.  While the board and district worked hard to make the impact of the facilities as small as possible, the passage of both questions means that there will be an additional tax impact of $1.33 per month on property with fair market value of $100,000. 

Whether you voted for or against the referendum, we want to echo the members of the school board in their assurances that we will continue seeking ways to make the most of every single dollar that is invested in this school district and to ensure good value to taxpayers.

While the referendum project is now complete, the next phase of this project is just beginning.  Just as the board sought to ensure all community members were informed prior to the referendum, the district will work to ensure that all community members are informed as the facilities projects move forward.

With that, we would like to finish how we started, by thanking you for being engaged in the East Troy Community Schools.  Thank you for continuing to assist the East Troy Community School District with becoming the “district of choice.”