Referendum Overview

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As East Troy Community School District continues to work toward providing a personalized learning environment that meets the needs of each learner and learning style, we realize that our methods, practices, beliefs, curriculum, and programming must evolve. We, therefore, recognize the importance of adapting our facilities to current and future educational needs that will assist us with providing this learning environment, demonstrating fiscal responsibility through efficiency and cost avoidance, and continuing to represent the importance of education to families both within and outside of our community.

The East Troy Community School Board has wrestled with the various options available for addressing the district’s significant facility needs.

The board’s engagement of the community has included surveys, listening and information sessions, and conversations with hundreds of residents. Throughout this process, community members have been clear that any referendum must have little or no additional tax impact. Residents want the district to make the most of every dollar that taxpayers invest in the schools, and to focus on needs.

While community members have been clear that they want the board to move forward with a solution, board members have faced the challenge of balancing the needs of our students with accountability to taxpayers, resulting in considerable debate.

Now, after years of planning, hundreds of hours of dialogue, and dozens of drafts, we are happy to announce that the board has unanimously come together around a plan that addresses the concerns we have heard, moves the district forward, and has little or no additional tax impact.

This site provides information about the April 7th referendum. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to contact board members, the superintendent, or school principals, or to attend an upcoming listening session.

Comparison To November 2014


April 2015

November 2014

School Board Vote


3 in favor and 2 opposed

Referendum Amount

Question #1 is for $22.5 million

Additional mill rate to question #1- $0

Question #2 is for 2.2 million

Additional mill rate to question #2 - $.16 per $1,000 of Property Value

Question #1 was for $20.8 million

Additional mill rate to question #1- $0

No second question posted

Duration of Bond Payment

20 years

20 years

Chester Byrnes Elementary School

Possible demolition if no buyer or better use becomes available ($225,000)

Demolition ($225,000)

Leona Doubek Elementary School

Minor renovation for district administration and alternative education.  Also, possible partial demolition if no other viable uses are found. ($295,000)

Major addition/renovation for Pre-K-first grades, district administration and alternative education ($11,675,000)

Prairie View Elementary School

Question #1 involves new Pre-K-first grade elementary school on the west side of the site and drop off/pick up improvements for Prairie View ($12,305,000)

Question #2 involves additional space for second grade in new elementary school ($2,200,000)

New bus drop off/pick up loop ($250,000)

East Troy Middle School

New energy management system, updates to HVAC, lighting, bathroom remodeling, and locker replacement ($1,125,000)

New energy management system ($100,000)

East Troy High School

Same scope as November 2014 Referendum

Relocating the main office to enhance security, remodel and expand the robotics and technology education areas, renovate and add to band and choir areas, add four new classrooms, enlarging some current classrooms, renovating lecture hall, locker rooms, main bathrooms, and improve fitness area.

Educational Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment

Same scope as November 2014 Referendum

Updating some furnishings that support multiple learning styles and teaching practices by providing mobile, ergonomic, technology appropriate furniture. Providing equipment toward enhancement of programming

District Goals

1. Ensuring a year to a year plus of learning growth for each child, each year
2. Ensuring programming opportunities that recognize all talents
3. Ensuring individualized learning by engaging students with a personalized learning environment
4. Employing the highest quality staff by attracting and retaining the best professionals
5. Adapting facilities for current and future educational needs
6. Demonstrating fiscal responsibility through efficiency and effectiveness


The last major investment was over 15 years ago - December 1997 referendum.

School Year Built Age Additions/Renovations
Chester Byrnes Elementary 1939 75 1951 and 1987
Leona Doubek Elementary 1951 63 1954 and 1969
Prairie View Elementary 1999 15  
East Troy Middle School 1970 44 1993
East Troy High School 1958 56 1964, 1970, 1985 and 1999


There have been numerous committees, studies, community surveys, referenda, school board workshops and listening session over the past 6 years.

2009      Facilities study of all buildings
2010   Facilities committee
2011   Community survey #1
2012   Ad-Hoc Facilities committee
November 2012   Unsuccessful referendum
April 2013   Unsuccessful referendum
June 2014   Community survey #2
November 2014   Unsuccessful referendum


In 2012, the school board assembled an Ad Hoc Facilities Committee charged with assessing the district’s needs and creating a master facilities plan. In total, the master facilities plan calls for approximately $41 million in needs (dependent upon the substance of any line item). Please note, the Board of Education understands the challenge of addressing these needs while also demonstrating fiscal responsibility to our taxpayers. However, board and district leaders feel that ignoring these issues would be irresponsible to our children, current learning environments, professional staff, taxpayers and the future of our district and community.  

The categories of importance that the committee wanted to address were as follows: efficiency, community relations, safety and security, long-term vision, fiscal responsibility, 21st-Century learning spaces and practices, and space for art programs. 

While the District has done an outstanding job of maintaining its facilities, the age of some of our school facilities and the need to update our learning spaces mean that these facilities must undergo renovation for the district to function effectively from an efficiency and effectiveness perspective.  The question is not whether these needs should be addressed, but rather the order in which this needs to be done.

Making an Informed Decision

It is our goal to assist each citizen with the understanding of the resolution toward making an informed decision.  If you have any questions or want more information, we encourage you to attend an upcoming public information meeting, send an email to, or visit other referendum pages of the website.