Gifted and Talented

Giftedness exists in all populations. Students who are gifted and talented need learning experiences that allow them to develop and grow at a pace that matches their abilities. These students are best served through a continuum of services integrated into the educational program that meet the needs of the whole child.

2016-17 Southern Lakes Anthology Winners

This year, 12 students from East Troy were selected to have their art and writing published in the Southern Lakes Anthology! This year's theme was ACTION! These students will be invited to attend a ceremony at UW-Whitewater on May 24, 2017 to honor their accomplishment and receive their own copy of the Anthology.  Congratulations!

Evan Hanrahan (3rd), Raegen Feucht (3rd), Lillian Hejdak (3rd), Aidan Timm (4th), Lolah Rausch (4th), Genesis Cabrera (5th), Gina Henningfeld (6th), Emily Cox (6th), Levi Orgas (7th), Carly Meeks (7th), Olivia Fitch (7th), Peyton Olejniczak (7th)

Middle School Leadership

Southern Lakes Advanced Learners Network

Southern Lakes Advanced Learners Network offers a wide variety of programs designed to allow gifted learners the chance to discover new interests, explore existing passions, and the chance to interact with like-minded peers.