Our Vision

  • Time for learning – Remove barriers
  • Competency based education – look at outcomes, not being defined by grade or age
  • School partnership with community members/parents/agencies/higher education
  • Provide meaningful, practical application skills through assignments/projects
  • High quality instruction – more engagement/interest, meeting the needs of ALL learners
  • Utilizing resources, creating self-directed learners
  • High levels of accountability for students and staff
  • Creating opportunities through individualized experiences to encourage self-directed learning

Our Mission

  • Our mission is ensuring and providing 21st-century education through: engaged student learning, quality teaching, strong leadership, rigorous coursework, and community service opportunities while demonstrating efficiency and effectiveness for the betterment of both students and the community. 

Our Goals (Personalized Learning Environments)

  • Ensuring a year plus of learning growth for each child, each year
  • Ensuring programming opportunities through systems and practices that recognize the talents of each child in an era of globalization
  • Ensuring individualized learning by engaging students with a personalized learning environment
  • Employing the highest quality professional staff
  • Adapting facilities for current and future educational needs
  • Demonstrating fiscal responsibility through efficiency

District Initiatives

  • Align programming / increase programming that supports content, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical-thinking
  • Assessments and Quality Feedback
  • Birth to Four Services
  • Communications
  • Community Extensions / Partnerships
  • Digital Media Integration
  • Global Literacy
  • Improved Teacher and Leadership Practices
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)
  • Reporting Student Learning and Progress
  • Student Data and Review
  • Student Profiles
  • Unit Planning