About Us
The Board of Education of the East Troy Community School District believes that its school system exists primarily for the educational needs of its constituency:
  • That each individual who qualifies in accordance with state law and local Board policy shall be accepted into the educational program.
  • That students shall be provided with a stimulating educational environment and abundant opportunities for learning experiences designed to promote behavioral changes that will affect continuing satisfactory adjustments to life, in accordance with the basic principles of our American Heritage.
  • That the system places the individual learner at the center of the learning process (student learning).
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of American Democracy; a respect for the person, property, and rights of others regardless of race, color, or creed; and other factors as outlined in state or federal law.
Within the classroom, emphasis should be on:
  • The development of fundamental skills and knowledge that are clearly depicted through Essential Understandings.
  • Learner voice and choice is common within the learning process.
  • Multiple venues of assessment (balanced approach) that put an emphasis on student progress and learning, rather than grading.
  • The breadth and depth of materials / resources to support the personalized learning environment.
  • Formation of a positive self-image that is reflected in relationships with others and the community.
As a school district, we believe by focusing on our six district goals, we can make a school system that truly places the individual learner at the center of learning.